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I still got it.... whatever it was.... [31/8/2007 - 9:22pm]
Meheheheheh... I'm still evil... yeah.

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It works! It WORKS!!! MUAHAHHAHAA!!! [17/8/2007 - 12:47am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

YESH! I gots cable internet. And I got the wireless router I dug up from the corners of my closet to work with it! I remember back in the days when we first switched from dial-up to DSL, it was like... WHOAH, OUR INTERNET IS FAST. Now with cable... It's even faster. And the best part is... IT'S ALL MINE!!!111oneoneone MUAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAA!!! Yesh, all mine, in my little apartment on campus. I feel like such a college kid now.

I know I'm going to start hating college life in a month or so. Buuuuuut... until then, YAY LIVING BY MYSELF FOR THE WIN!

((Yes, I did intentionally use chatspeak linguistics to further emphasize my technological development...)

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New Layout [27/7/2007 - 7:30pm]
So I finally found a good Gackt layout. Although it's a bit flowery for my taste. Oh well, I can change the image later when I am not feeling so lazy... yeah.
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Harry Potter [26/7/2007 - 9:37am]
So I decided to read the last Harry Potter book… yeah.

Few thoughts (minimal spoilers)Collapse )

Overall, I enjoyed the book. I must admit, I stopped liking Harry Potter after the fifth book (it felt as if Rowling was running out of ideas on that one) and the sixth book I just read so I know what happened. I started reading the book with the full intention of not liking it because I assumed I grew out of it. But alas! J.K. Rowling surprised me with this carefully plotted out book. I don’t see any major plot holes yet. My one concern is that this book seems very dark and mature, too mature for little kids to be running around with. However, I guess the maturity level of this book fits because Harry himself has matured. The first book was very fit for elementary school students. One explanation is that Rowling had originally planned for it to be for children, but she changed because older people are reading it as well. Or, the series is meant to be read one book a year starting from age eleven, that way the kids grow up with Harry (which is kind of interesting way of planning out a series).
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facebook [21/7/2007 - 1:13am]
I've had numerous requests from people to make a facebook or revive my old facebook thing. I honestly don't care for facebook. I think it's an unnecessary waste of my time and there's no real point in creating one. Some say that's the only way to keep in contact with me/communicate/whatever. What ever happened to good, old fashioned email? Or even LiveJournal? Honestly, facebook has everything set up so complicated with many things that I will never use. Not to mention I got 5 friend invites in a single day with my old facebook account from people I really don't care for and I didn't even know all the functions of that site yet! Yes, I can just reject them as "friends," but I like to maintain my current state of indifference, not make enemies and create unnecessary hostile feelings. Is there even a "mutual acquaintance" option, rather than just "friend" or reject? Honestly, I don't even think "mutual acquaintance" is good, because everyone knows it's just a euphemism for "I don't care about you, go away" or "the only reason I'm nice to you is because you were never mean to me, NOT because I actually LIKE you." It's utterly ridiculous how ONE person befriends me, and all of the sudden ALL of his friends befriend me. I mean... WTF, I know I met those people, but why are they so flamboyant as to make as many "friends" as possible? I personally believe in having a few very close TRUE friends, not having many superficial friends whom you've only met once in your life.

So, if anyone wants to convince me to get a facebook account... there better be a good reason.

Failed.... [12/7/2007 - 4:49pm]
Biology: 5; as expected, so no surprises there
Chemistry: 5; I thought I would do horrible, but the test turned out to be uber easy, so also no surprises.  Thanks to my uber strict/hard teachers.
Chinese: 5; no shit... I'm freaking Chinese.  But it's nice the Purdue gave me 12 credits for this, because I got first and second Chinese.
English Lang + Comp: 4; shoot me... now...

So I almost pulled all 5s.  T_T  I fail at life.  But then again, it was no surprise because I obviously slacked off seeing how it was senior year.  Dr. Shobe said I held out pretty well against senioritis, though.  However, seeing how I am Asian, I should have been naturally immune anyway.  So let's just say I fail at life.

Anyway, it turns out I have 61 credits at Purdue now.  As soon as I pass all the math exams, I should have more(near 70, hopefully).  Yay for being a junior... almost.  Counselor says I NEED to have freshman status going in, but after first semester, I'll be a junior.  There goes all my hopes and dreams of being a sophmore... I just skip from freshman to junior.  <.<

I'm such a geek.. [5/5/2007 - 7:41pm]
Me, being the geek that I am, wrote my final thesis paper in AP English on the rhetorical strategies in chatspeak and 13375P34k...

Rhetoric of Internet Lingo (Note: this is a very rough draft)Collapse )

Critiques are welcome!
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Visual Kei [21/4/2007 - 9:22pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

I just recently become interested in visual kei music. There are a lot of good things about that genre, besides the good music and the awesome costumes... such as... the cool hair... and... pretty people? >.<

Anyway, this is Yomi from the band Nightmare... they have a lot of pretty good songs.


Wow, two in a day... [3/3/2007 - 7:38pm]
I'm really slacking off, I should be doing chemistry and shit, but I decided to draw one more. The face turned out way wider than I expect, so he looks fatter than I wanted. Oh wells.

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Realism? [3/3/2007 - 2:43pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

My second attempt at drawing a real person... or something. I guess this is the first pseudo-successful attempt, so it's all good. I guess this looks pretty good until you compare it to my reference picture, because it looks nothing like the reference.

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