t0r7ur3d_4r7157 (t0r7ur3d_4r7157) wrote,

Harry Potter

So I decided to read the last Harry Potter book… yeah.

1. I was totally expecting Harry to kick Dudley's fat ass. What actually happened really surprised me and I think she wrote it quite well. It almost seemed natural... well, it actually was natural.
2. I'm sure Lena will do some Lilly/Snape and/or Voldemort/Bellatrix shipping.
3. Very satisfactory ending, until I got to the epilogue. For one thing, I really hate it when authors do the whole "into the future" thing. It's nice to have the book just end with Voldemort's death. Maybe even cut out the part when Harry decided to give up the Elder's Wand. It's so anticlimatic.
4. It would be nice to know what happened to Umbridge. I'm surprised she didn't get put into Azkaban for torturing kids two books ago.
5. Snape was good after all. I’m sure all Snape fans are rejoicing, except for the ones who fancy the evil type.
6. Does J.K. Rowling read Harry Potter fanfiction? I swear, some of the stuff seems to match up all too perfectly (with Snape/Lilly, Harry being a Horcrux, etc). Which makes it all the more satisfying yet infuriating.
7. There were too many “nearly hits” in the book. I assumed Death Eaters are practiced with dueling, and that firing a curse is not like firing a gun (a curse should be able to change its trajectory, right?). So, why are Death Eaters so bad at aiming?
8. How did Lilly end up with James Potter?!?!
9. I can totally see a sequel series. The thing is, as long as the wand still exists, there will be people who seek it. (This totally sound like Lord of the Rings.) So it must be destroyed. Yep. I wonder if it will be Harry’s kids or some new hero guy. XDD

Overall, I enjoyed the book. I must admit, I stopped liking Harry Potter after the fifth book (it felt as if Rowling was running out of ideas on that one) and the sixth book I just read so I know what happened. I started reading the book with the full intention of not liking it because I assumed I grew out of it. But alas! J.K. Rowling surprised me with this carefully plotted out book. I don’t see any major plot holes yet. My one concern is that this book seems very dark and mature, too mature for little kids to be running around with. However, I guess the maturity level of this book fits because Harry himself has matured. The first book was very fit for elementary school students. One explanation is that Rowling had originally planned for it to be for children, but she changed because older people are reading it as well. Or, the series is meant to be read one book a year starting from age eleven, that way the kids grow up with Harry (which is kind of interesting way of planning out a series).
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