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It works! It WORKS!!! MUAHAHHAHAA!!!

YESH! I gots cable internet. And I got the wireless router I dug up from the corners of my closet to work with it! I remember back in the days when we first switched from dial-up to DSL, it was like... WHOAH, OUR INTERNET IS FAST. Now with cable... It's even faster. And the best part is... IT'S ALL MINE!!!111oneoneone MUAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAA!!! Yesh, all mine, in my little apartment on campus. I feel like such a college kid now.

I know I'm going to start hating college life in a month or so. Buuuuuut... until then, YAY LIVING BY MYSELF FOR THE WIN!

((Yes, I did intentionally use chatspeak linguistics to further emphasize my technological development...)
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